Dean Franz Raps Was Appointed as Chair Professor of SZTU

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Dean Franz Raps Was Appointed as Chair Professor of SZTU


On the afternoon of December 9th, the university held the Appointment Ceremony of SZTU Chair Professors in Conference Room 403 of the C-3 Administration Building. The appointment ceremony was presided over by Prof. Xu Gang, the deputy director of the univerissity, Prof. Franz Raps, Dean of the College of Urban Transportation and Logistics, Prof. Holger Haldenwang, Dean of the Business School and Prof. Liu Qingxia, Dean of Julong College Academician were appointed as chair professors. President Ruan Shuangchen attended the appointment ceremony and issued letters of appointment to the three professors.

At the appointment ceremony, President Ruan Shuangchen extended warm congratulations to the three chair professors, and expressed his heartfelt thanks for their long-term important contributions in discipline construction, talent training, and school-enterprise cooperation. President Ruan emphasized that as a new university with high starting point, high level and high standard construction, the establishment of SZTU "from scratch" is inseparable from the support of the university's internationalized and high-level teachers. The university will continue to fully learn from and introduce the advanced school-running experience of first-class technical universities in developed countries such as Germany and Switzerland, and is committed to cultivating high-level engineers and designers at the undergraduate level and above with international vision, craftsmanship and innovation and entrepreneurship, and strive to build a first-class university of applied sciences.

Deputy Director Xu Gang introduced in detail the resumes, academic backgrounds, scientific research, achievements of international cooperation, school-enterprise cooperation and technical expertise of the three chair professors. Afterwards, the three chair professors delivered their acceptance speeches respectively. Among them, Dean Franz Raps said that he was proud and grateful to receive the title of "Chair Professor". Looking back at the work after joining SZTU, the achievements and progress are inseparable from the support and help of the college leaders and colleagues. He believes that the title of "Chair Professor" is an encouragement for the present and an expectation for the future. He will continue to make his own contributions to the college and the university, and looks forward to everyone's joint efforts.

Franz Raps, Dean of the College of Urban Transportation and Logistics, SZTU, is currently the Director of the Mechatronics Working Committee of the German Engineering Association VDI Augsburg Region. He used to be the Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Germany. Since joining our university in 2017, together with Prof. Holger, he has spared no effort to impart his experience and contribute his talents to the SZTU benchmarking against German standards and German quality development. During his tenure as the dean of the College of Urban Transportation and Logistics, he also applied to Shenzhen Higher Education Institutions Stable Support Project. He actively promotes the introduction of international teachers and the development of international cooperation, and lays a solid foundation for the cooperation and development of academic exchanges, student exchanges, internships and employment. He also strongly supports the university's online international academic exchanges and offline German cultural activities, and has made outstanding contributions in inviting foreign experts and visiting scholars, and organizing students to participate in exchange programs in Germany.